We work with growth-focused business owners (like you!) and leadership teams to close the gap between strategy and execution.

Here's how we can work together to educate, empower, and engage your team
to create real positive change and drive your business forward.

Educate. Empower. Engage

We believe that when your team truly understand what's important to the success of the business, when they know how their actions can impact its success, are given the tools to track and measure their progress, and when they're given a reason to care by sharing in success, everybody wins.

"Every game is different, but when you give each person on your team the chance to think, act, and feel like an owner - everybody wins."

This is where the Great Game of Business comes in to play. It's a game-based management framework that educates, empowers, and engages your team behind your strategic goals to drive your business forward.

Keen to play? Read on.

Here's our game plan

The Great Game of Business is a completely different way of running a business; a way of running a business that not only improves business results, but the lives of people who drive those results. 

A way of running a business that creates a culture of engagement, innovation, collaboration, discipline, accountability, and high performance.


No two games are the same, which is why our game plans typically kick off with a 2-day on-site deep dive to thrash out the ins and outs of your business, identify what’s important, and start designing your game around that.

During that time we'll also explore what a self-funded incentive scheme tied to the game might look like, and we'll work with you to user test our thinking with some of your team.


Once we've designed a winning game plan for your business, we then help launch the game with your entire team in a fun and interactive way, giving them the tools they need to create a winning edge that will drive your business forward.


Post-launch we provide ongoing support and input for 6 to 12 months to ensure the game is doing what it's designed to do. We're on call to bounce around your ideas, frustrations, or future plans; continuously challenging you to take your game to the next level.

Let's Play

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Looking for something more?

Take your business to the next level

Level up

Our Level UP program is designed to give team members the skills, confidence and curiosity needed for them to develop into the next generation business leader and owner. Delivered via an interactive series of workshops, coupled with individual profiling - we help bring out the best in your people by connecting them personally to your organisational WHY. Find out more here.

Player profiling

Using the DISC Advanced platform - our Player Profiling assessment gives a deep understanding of the natural behaviours of your team players and how those behaviours play out on the field. Delivered one-on-one or in team workshops, we debrief the results, share stories, and set action plans - building a culture of trust and mutual respect in the process. Chat to us about how Player Profiling could help your game.

Next level

Our personalised player coaching program is designed for team players wanting to go the NEXT Level.  From the insights gathered in our Player Profiling assessment, coupled with our G.R.O.W model of coaching - we work closely with your players to understand their goals, their reality, options and ways forward to bring out their best - ensuring they’re capitalising on their strengths, working on their weakness and celebrating wins along the way.

Owning the Game

Thinking about giving your team some skin in the game? Bonus plans are tricky things to get right, usually because they don’t connect to the long-term behaviour of your team. Whether you’re considering a bonus plan, profit share plan, or a long-term Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) we can assist you in designing a system that your team will understand and want to be a part of. Get in touch to chat about what your ownership plan could look like.

Playing to win

Our tailored business simulation games are designed to help you empower your team members to think like business owners through the power of play. Through a series of simulated exercises about the foundations of business, they’ll learn firsthand how to monitor cash flow, better utilise resources and improve productivity. Get in touch to find out more.

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