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Adam Dierselhuis

Adam is an experienced business coach and facilitator who has been working with ambitious entrepreneurs to help them build successful businesses and implement game-based frameworks that lead to real, sustainable growth for over 20 years.

A chartered accountant by trade – Adam is the director at O’Connells OBM, a progressive accounting business based in Brisbane city that specialises in providing clients with proactive tax and advisory services. His flare for numbers goes hand in hand with creating games designed to improve your profitability and push your business in the right direction.

Adam is also the licensed coach for The Great Game of Business methodology in the Asia Pacific region, giving you access to a network of game players around the globe to share with and learn from.

“The greatest thing you can do as a business leader is to better the lives of people connected to your business – starting with those you work with. By creating a culture that employees can connect to in a meaningful way, one that allows team members to learn, to grow, to challenge themselves, to take risks – you’ve got a chance to do just that.”

Sarah Woolmington

Sarah has been training individuals with the desire to grow and change for well over a decade and is passionate about developing the next generation of business leader and owner.

As lead of our Level UP program and accredited DISC Practitioner – Sarah is well placed to bring out the best in your team members - by understanding them and working with them to develop the skills, confidence and curiosity needed for them to succeed.

“To me, curiosity, coupled with an ability to develop deep relationships based on personal connection is what ultimately sets you apart and determines how far you go.”

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We believe that great things can be created from good business, which is why Faculte3 is proud to be a part of The Goods - a community for SMEs to access the service providers, tools & resources they need to build a good business and live a great life. Subscribers to The Goods Community are also able to access a range of Good Deals from Good Companies.

To find out more, visit the Goods website here.

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