We work with growth-focused business owners (like you!) and leadership teams to close the gap between strategy and execution.

Our workshops, models, and co-designed frameworks are designed to
educate, empower, and engage your team to create real positive change and drive your business forward.

Develop the next generation of business leaders and owners.

Our Level UP program is designed to give team members the skills, confidence and curiosity needed for them to develop into the next generation business leader and owner.

Curiosity, coupled with an ability to develop deep relationships based on personal connection is what ultimately sets you apart and determines how far you go.

Delivered via an interactive series of workshops, coupled with individual profiling - we help bring out the best in your people by connecting them personally to your organisational WHY.

While programs are tailored to your organisational needs - for most organisations – living the WHY includes growing – hence our Level UP program focuses on the skills and competencies needed to do so - such as sales, pitching, networking, etc.

Structured with real life experiences and role plays which help cement learning – our program ensures your team not only know HOW they can make the desired impact but have the practical tools to enable them to do so.


Play On

With extensions to help your team level up

Player Profiling

Using the DISC Advanced platform - our Player Profiling assessment gives a deep understanding of the natural behaviours of your team players and how those behaviours play out on the field. 

This greater insight into your team and their fellow players allows for better connection, communication and collaboration amongst your team in achieving the game plan. 

Delivered one-on-one or in team workshops, we debrief the results, share stories, and set action plans - building a culture of trust and mutual respect in the process.

Next Level

Our personalised player coaching program is designed for team players wanting to go the NEXT Level.  From the insights gathered in our Player Profiling assessment, coupled with our G.R.O.W model of coaching - we work closely with your players to understand their goals, their reality, options and ways forward to bring out their best - ensuring they’re capitalising on their strengths, working on their weakness and celebrating wins along the way.

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