We work with growth-focused business owners (like you!) and leadership teams to close the gap between strategy and execution.

Our workshops, models, and co-designed frameworks are designed to
educate, empower, and engage your team to create real positive change and drive your business forward.




Peter Drucker

We're all about fun, seriously.

Peter Drucker was right - culture eats strategy for breakfast, which means that the only way to win is with inspired and motivated employees. That's why we are serious about using game principles to tap into your team’s intrinsic desires and motivations – getting everyone on the playing field, focused on the same goal, and winning, together.

We work with businesses across Australia and the Asia Pacific region to implement game-based management frameworks to create changes in behaviour to achieve real, meaningful outcomes.

Educate. Empower. Engage

We believe that when your team truly understand what's important to the success of the business, when they know how their actions can impact its success, are given the tools to track and measure their progress, and when they're given a reason to care by sharing in success, everybody wins.

"Every game is different, but when you give each person on your team the chance to think, act, and feel like an owner - everybody wins."


Here's our game plan


No two games are the same, which is why our game plans typically kick off with a 2-day on-site deep dive to thrash out the ins and outs of your business, identify what’s important, and start designing your game around that.

During that time we'll also explore what a self-funded incentive scheme tied to the game might look like, and we'll work with you to user test our thinking with some of your team.


Once we've designed a winning game plan for your business, we then help launch the game with your entire team in a fun and interactive way, giving them the tools they need to create a winning edge that will drive your business forward.


Post-launch we provide ongoing support and input for 6 to 12 months to ensure the game is doing what it's designed to do. We're on call to bounce around your ideas, frustrations, or future plans; continuously challenging you to take your game to the next level.

Ready to play?

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Solutions for problems that need solving

Self Funded Incentive / Employee Share Ownership Plan Design

Thinking about giving your team some skin in the game? Bonus plans are tricky things to get right, usually because they don’t connect to the long-term behaviour of your team. Whether you’re considering a bonus plan, profit share plan, or a long-term Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) we can assist you in designing a system that your team will understand and want to be a part of.

Entrepreneurial Thinking for NFPs

We’re about helping business leaders achieve real and measurable outcomes, regardless of your business structure. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer or community experience, innovate your service delivery, searching for efficiency improvements, or targeting revenue growth that your community enterprise or NFP can reinvest in services and capabilities, our game-style approach provides the perfect framework to engage everyone in your team to undertake real, positive change in a fun and non-threatening way.

Our workshops, planning sessions, and longer-term cultural transformation coaching packages can all be tailored to help your community/ NFP organisation achieve measurable positive outcomes for all of your stakeholders.

Ongoing coaching

We love to ask the challenging questions, so we also offer on-going coaching services to big thinkers at all levels. If you’re looking for someone to bounce your ideas, frustrations, or future plans around with (and who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is), let's chat and find out if we could be a fit.

Team-based workshops and presentations

We’ve spoken at conferences across the globe, lectured in some of Australia’s top universities, and run workshops with some of the country’s most innovative businesses.

Our bite-sized workshops are designed to challenge traditional ways of working and give you a new set of rules to create a culture of engagement, innovation, discipline, accountability, and high performance.

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