As a business owner – it’s easy to think you have to have a solution for every problem or roadblock your business encounters. We often forget we have an entire team around us, and it’s more than likely they’ll have a solution – we just have to ask.

I’m reminded of a story an old friend of mine once told me – about an all-girls school they were once working with.

A group of these girls had taken to applying lipstick and kissing the mirrors in the bathroom – leaving lip marks all over the glass. The cleaners would wash the mirrors down at the end of each day, but the problem persisted, and the Principal had no idea how to stop it.

So in an all school staff meeting, he put it to his team – explaining the problem, and asked the staff – how can we stop this.

One of the cleaners was present in the meeting – and said, “Leave it to me, I think I can help”.

The next day during lunch, a group of girls were in the bathrooms – leaving lipstick marks on the mirrors again. The cleaner walked in, and proceeded to dunk their mop into a toilet bowl – and then wash down one of the mirrors.

Needless to say, the girls left promptly, and the problem with the lipstick marks quickly ceased.

It might surprise you, but everyone in your team is likely willing and able to contribute ideas, suggestions, and solutions to help the business overcome problems – you just have to ask.

If you’re hesitant, then we should talk – because there are ways to educate your team to think, act, and feel like business owners, so you don’t have to have all the answers.

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