We were recently asked to assist a client who was looking to drive certain behaviours within their team when it came to the learning experience they were trying to create, specifically, encouraging team members to “have a go” before asking for help. While not directly related to the businesses financial success, the way in which learning and knowledge sharing takes place in this business is a top priority as they focus on up-skilling their team members.

One of the tools we use to create focus and drive results while playing the Game is a concept called MiniGamesTM. Using all of the elements of the Game in a focused and specific time frame, MiniGamesTM also provide a nice entry point for new players – by getting your team to rally around a common goal and offering tangible rewards for success.

MiniGamesTM can be used to address a myriad of business issues, from revenue focused activities, to back office management, to targeting cultural and behavioural focus points.

To come up with a MiniGameTM to help the client, we asked them think about the following questions:

– What is the pebble in your shoe? – this gives us our target (focus) for the game

– What is the cost of not doing anything about it? – this helps to determine the value of the game

– What does success look like? – this gives us the ideal goal to shoot for (aim)

Thinking about your business in this way can provide a great starting point for creating a MiniGameTM by highlighting target areas for your business.

For this particular client, their MiniGameTM was born out of a desire to help their team members seek out answers and attempt to solve problems on their own, before calling for support. If they didn’t create a focus around this issue, more work would fall back to managers and reviewers, and team member development would be stunted. What they hoped to create was an environment where team members took this approach to problem solving by default, and senior staff could contribute to development in a more meaningful way.

Once you’ve established what you want to work on, and defined your version of success, you simply need to create a scorecard for people to track their results – and offer a suitable prize for winning. It’s best to fit these elements around a theme – as it adds to the fun and energy of the game.

Do you have a problem or issue that you would like help focusing on? Creating a MiniGameTM could help you to drive the results you’re after.

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