I’m privileged to work with a group of businesses where people come to work every day energised and ready to contribute not only to the success of the business, but to developing themselves and the rest of the team. In a co-working space of five companies, the common thread that makes our space unique is the open book management principles each of these businesses practices. Over the next month I’ll be sharing some of the experiences of my colleagues across accountancy, financial planning, and software and IT consulting – stories of how the Great Game of Business and OBM principles are changing the way we think about work.

Steven Kassulke

Client Manager, O’Connells OBM

While I was at uni I was able to do work experience at a number of workplaces – it gave me a chance to get a feel for the industry I’d chosen, but I was also able to get a look-in at the type of workplace (read culture) that suited me best. While the different firms offered similar professional experiences, it really was the culture that was the determining factor for where I wanted to work.

My experience with O’Connells OBM was vastly different from the other firms I spent time with – and it was through their use of the Great Game of Business that I experienced what it was like to be a business owner, even while I was still at uni! I was involved in critical decision making processes (strategic planning sessions, practice development meetings, budgeting and capacity planning) – in fact everyone from the administration staff up to the partners had the opportunity to give input and a say in shaping the firm for the future.

While the opportunity for open two-way communication really set the firm apart from others that I experienced, it didn’t end in team meetings – the full financials were open to everyone in the office to comment and discuss – we were empowered to understand how the business was performing and encouraged to discuss actions for improving the numbers; we all appreciated how everyone’s actions impact the business.

That work experience opportunity was nearly eight years ago – now I own a share of the company, and I’ve had the opportunity to develop myself, my colleagues, and our firm in a meaningful way.

The culture that the Great Game of Business has created for O’Connells OBM is one of openness, support and inclusivity – where everyone gets involved.  We all come to work knowing how our actions impact the business, and what needs to happen for the business (and ourselves) to move forward and grow.