Less than 25% of Australians are engaged in their work – that makes for a lot of unhappy employees, and a big drain on business.

Imagine if everyone in your team was as engaged and focused on the success of the business as you were; if everyone was motivated to work together to build the best business possible?

The Great Game of Business doesn’t just build businesses – it builds people -setting your team up for success by, educating them, empowering them and engaging them.

What is the Game all about? Check out this video to find out:

Winning at the great game of business can be defined as long term success for the company; and long term personal success for employees – because when the company wins – employees win and when employees win, the company wins.

So how do we go about winning?

An informed voice is a powerful voice – so we start by creating a business of business people that can identify and eliminate weaknesses that threaten the long term success – educating employees on “what’s important around here” – that’s what we call Knowing & Teaching the Rules.

Once everyone is educated on the business and the issues that need to be focused on in order to be successful, we empower the team by keeping them informed and involved in the game with scoreboards and regular huddles that focus on the future – not the past.

That’s what following the action & keeping score is about. Think of it as giving clarity to employees on “how they can help”

Having educated employees on what matters, and empowering them to help we then need to engage them – and that comes with Providing a Stake in the outcome – whether it be individual recognition & rewards, mini-games, bonus plans – it’s the “what’s in it for me factor”, and an important element ensuring that everybody plays, and everybody wins.

Playing business like a game can be exciting and challenging – but it’s a game plan for growth and success – so let’s play!

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