I came across a statistic recently that employees spend more than 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings –  talk about a time suck! How is a daily huddle any different? Well for starters – it’s quick and to the point – you’re only talking about the most crucial elements of the business – and anything else can be taken offline and discussed by those that need to.

But from a team member’s point of view it’s much more than a quick whip around on what’s happening – it’s the meeting I look forward to each day and I know it’s a great use of my time.

The daily huddle impacts everyone’s mindset and affects real action – here’s just 5 reasons why:

  1. I feel connected – it’s not an email, or a memo, or old voicemail – it’s people together in one place (though not all the time) connected and able to see each other, which is invaluable from being able to gauge the emotional atmosphere on any given day.
  1. I feel in the know – One of the key pieces of feedback from our own internal improvement survey was that people felt they weren’t included in information sharing in a timely and relevant manner. Daily huddles keep everyone in the loop and connected to what’s happening in the business – even when it isn’t directly related to a person or department. Maintaining that connection helps employees to feel a part of a team and alert to opportunities throughout the business.
  1. I’m constantly learning – by their very nature, huddles build teamwork and collaboration, encouraging everyone to share problems and solutions, and enabling people to work together rather than separately – which makes sense when you’re all focused on the same goal. The important part is that the huddle isn’t about placing blame – it’s about providing a space to ask for help, and to work together on a solution.
  1. I’m motivated to contribute – asking each person in the team to make a promise is possibly the most important part of the huddle. Creating and verbalising self-commitments automatically increases accountability, and strong commitments are powerful for mobilizing execution.
  1. I get recognised – we all appreciate a thank you every now and then. Celebrating the best from the past 24 hours (in the form of wins, good news, personal recognition) is crucial to maintaining a connected team, and the air time in huddle gives an opportunity to recognise employees and processes that might otherwise get missed but are crucial to the business’s success.

If you’re not already huddling with your team daily, download our infographic as a starting point to open the communication channels and engage your team in moving towards your goals together.




Image credit – tomas_workman