I’m privileged to work with a group of businesses where people come to work every day energised and ready to contribute not only to the success of the business, but to developing themselves and the rest of the team. In a co-working space of five companies, the common thread that makes our space unique is the open book management principles each of these businesses practices. Over the next month I’ll be sharing some of the experiences of my colleagues across accountancy, financial planning, and software and IT consulting – stories of how the Great Game of Business and OBM principles are changing the way we think about work.

Meg Bassingthwaighte

Team Assistant – O’Connells OBM

Before I started working in an environment where the Great Game culture was thriving, I had imagined that a job in the city would be all bottom lines and deadlines – clock-in, clock-out and that’s all that mattered. But being a part of a team that whole-heartedly embraces the Great Game approach has helped me to develop both personally and with regard to my work ethic.

When you work in a passionate, motivated and friendly team, it is almost impossible not to adopt that attitude and run with it every day, whether you’re at work or away from work. The close-knit culture of our team creates an atmosphere for regular learning and frequent opportunities to build on each other’s knowledge from the bottom through to the top of the experience ladder – it is much more comforting than a cut-throat, competitive workplace, and I would wager it’s more productive and efficient as well.

Communicating in a forum where ideas are always heard (green hat) makes me more confident to speak out with ideas or input and have faith in the fact that others will take them on board and build on them. It is obvious that everyone is driven to do the best they can, partly because of the personal achievements that seem possible, but also because they want to see their team thrive and succeed.

I believe that the encouragement received as part of the Great Game culture to have such a positive outlook towards the way you approach tasks in the workplace not only makes you more confident, but also makes you a more valuable employee, a cheerful colleague and a treasured friend.