One of the tools we use to create focus and drive results is a concept called MiniGamesTM. Using all of the elements of a Game in a focused and specific time frame, MiniGamesTM also provide a nice entry point for new players – by getting your team to rally around a common goal and offering tangible rewards for success.

MiniGamesTM can be used to address a myriad of business issues, from revenue focused activities, to back office management, to targeting cultural and behavioural focus points.

To help you define a focus area for your MiniGameTM, we’d suggest you spend 5 minutes taking this free online assessment created by The Goods (a community for SMEs to access the service providers, tools & resources they need to build a good business and live a great life – which Faculte3 is a founding member of).

What we’ve found from those that have taken the online self-assessment is that it highlights some pain points to craft a MiniGameTM around.

So if you are looking for inspiration as to what those focus areas are, I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to complete the assessment – here.

Once you’ve done so, more than happy to kick around what your game might look like.

Game on,