When you walk into a Great Game of Business® company – you can’t help but notice walls and halls being plastered with scoreboards. The objective of keeping score is to simply and consistently inform the players if they are winning or losing, and who is accountable. It’s not management scoring the team, it the team scoring themselves.

Typically, a company scoreboard is a simplified version of your profit & loss statement – though there are no hard and fast rules as to what you should score.

What matters instead, is that the numbers on the scoreboard are relevant, that they align directly to what you’re trying to achieve, and that people understand them.

Follow these six tips to create a scoreboard that is clear and compelling:

Simple – Make sure it can be easily viewed and understood at a glance

Centre court – Have your scoreboard on display for all to see

Owner scored – Have your team involved in the creation, the ownership, and the scoring process

Right measures – Ensure it tracks your critical numbers and the right drivers

Real time – Information on your scoreboard should be timely, dynamic, and forward looking

Engaging – Don’t forget to keep it relevant, meaningful, & FUN!