We’ve all heard the claim that a happy worker is a hard worker – but now economists have proved it! In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Warwick, it was found that happiness made people 12% more productive – proving that our well-being and performance are inextricably linked.

So before you go investing in new apps or technology to try to boost your team’s productivity and performance – why not instead try these 3 simple ways to increase the happiness in your workplace:

1. Say thank you. One of the easiest ways you can a team member happy is to show them you appreciate their work – in fact research suggests that 88% of employees find praise from managers very or extremely motivating, and 76% find peer praise very or extremely motivating.

2. Make a connection. Relationships in the workplace matter when it comes to creating a happy work environment. Harvard researchers Phil Stone and Tal Ben-Shahar have found that students with strong social support, tended to be happier and better at dealing with stress. Likewise, when they enter the workforce, employees with strong relationships with co-workers are better at staying engaged and performing under stress.

3. Have a bit of fun. 90% of employees say a “fun work environment” was very or extremely motivating, so mix things up a bit with a free themed lunch, play a game, or surprise your team with a special treat – an unexpected round of coffees can be a big gesture to show your team you appreciate them.

Tried these? If you’re looking for new ways to increase the energy, engagement, and overall satisfaction in your team we’d love to chat! Leave your details below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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