Being a leader comes with a myriad of responsibilities and often as leaders we need to push ourselves in areas that don’t necessarily come naturally to us. Leaders often thrive on this though, relishing the opportunity to learn and grow.

Of course, even the greatest leaders can make mistakes. Here are 15 common mistakes that many leaders may find themselves making, particularly in times of increasing pressure and that you should watch out for on your own leadership journey.

#1:  Not making the transition from worker to manager / leader

#2: Failing to lead by example

#3:  No goals, no plans

#4:  Starting the day unprepared

#5: Not listening

6:  Poor communication

#7: Failing to delegate

#8:  Abdicating rather than delegating

#9:  Being out of touch

#10: Shifting responsibility

#11:  Not developing team members

#12: Lack of recognition

#13:  Losing the best talent

#14:  Keeping the wrong people

#15: Resisting change