Our interactive and engaging workshops are designed to transform your culture, lift team engagement, and drive your business forward.

We work with you to tap into your team’s true potential, providing workshops and training on leadership and management techniques that challenge traditional business models – so that you can create a culture of engagement, innovation, discipline, accountability, and high performance. Our programs are designed to give business owners, managers, and future leaders the tools to work in a new business paradigm.

Business Storytelling

How well as an organisation are you articulating your purpose, and connecting your team to that?

Strong company culture starts with why – when you help your team to understand WHY they are doing the work they do, and HOW the work they do each day contributes to the why, you give them a reason to care. Which is why it’s so important for businesses to be able to articulate their purpose. Doing so hinges on how you tell your story.

Our lunch and learn style workshop guides your team through:

  • the importance of business storytelling
  • the elements that make up brilliant stories
  • how to articulate your purpose with impact
  • how to develop your collection of inspiring stories

We can work with your management team or front line employees to help them create impactful stories, connecting your team to your organisation’s purpose. We tailor our workshops to suit your needs – so if you’d like input into crafting your purpose or mission, we’re here to help with that too.

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Creating a Winning Culture

Less than 25% of Australians are engaged in their work – making for a lot of unhappy employees and a big drain on business. In fact, disengagement costs Australia close to $33 billion annually.However, when employees think, act, and feel like owners – everybody wins. Based on the principles of Open Book Management and the Great Game of Business, our flagship program equips you to:

  • create a winning culture
  • increase team discipline and accountability
  • improve individual performance
  • inspire innovation
  • encourage a coaching environment

Our sessions are fully interactive, and you’ll walk away with tools you can implement immediately to achieve rapid financial results, and lasting cultural change.

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“The workshop gave me some great ideas and things to take away and implement. Also it was very interactive and engaging.” – Pamela Gerstmann, Wealth Enhancers


Gamification in the workplace is as much about engagement and productivity as it is fun and games. With only 13% of the global workforce truly engaged in their jobs – it’s clear we need to think outside the box when it comes to creating a workplace that people are connected to.

Our online webinars and in house workshops will introduce you to a fun and engaging way to motivate your team day-to-day to make improvements in your business that add up to year-long success.

You’ll learn how to use the principles of a game to:

  • Affect a financial or operational change – driving results through improved performance
  • Increase business literacy – reinforce key components of business success such as goal setting, mutual responsibility, and performance management
  • Build teamwork – rally your team around a common goal in order to achieve a shared reward
  • Develop a winning attitude – create an environment where winners are recognized and rewarded for generating results

You’ll walk away with the one tool you need to gamify your culture and achieve rapid results.

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