Strategic Planning

Turn your plans into actions

Regardless of the approach you take to business and strategic planning, a key measure of success of the session is how well you bring it to life, and how well you create alignment across the team to the company’s goals for the upcoming period.

All too often (and we speak from personal experience here!), it’s easy for business owners to get caught in the detail and design KPIs, reports and bonus plans that make complete sense to them…. but are over complicated and difficult for the team to connect to.

So when it comes to turning plans into action – generally speaking, less is more.

A fresh set of eyes helps, so kick around what you have in mind with someone not involved in the planning process, and get their feedback on how well you have been able to create clarity in what matters, and more importantly, keep focused on it and working toward it.

We can assist you with preparing for and facilitating your business and strategic planning sessions that are designed to connect everyone involved to your WHY and inspire them for the year ahead.

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“This week wraps up another awesome Redman planning session thanks to the superstar facilitator Adam from Faculte3. If you want to coach for your team, we cannot recommend Adam and the Faculte3 team high enough.”

Michael Redman

CEO, Redman Solutions