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Changing the way we think about work

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transform your culture, lift team engagement, and drive your business forward

help your team to understand WHY they are doing the work they do and HOW the work they do each day contributes to the why, and giving them a reason to care


get your team at all levels of the business informed, involved and engaged in making the business a success


motivate your team to look for new and improved ways to work, to experiment and challenge the status quo


give your team the chance to elevate their thinking – developing a deeper connection and commitment to the business

Less than 25% of Australians are engaged in their work

that makes for a lot of unhappy employees, and a big drain on business
the only way to win is with inspired and motivated employees

Only one in eight workers are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organisations, and it's costing Australian businesses close to $33 billion annually.

At a time when companies are looking for every source of competitive advantage, the workforce itself represents the largest reservoir of untapped potential.

Imagine if everyone in your team was as engaged and focused on the success of the business as you were; if everyone was motivated to work together to build the best business possible?

Let us introduce you to a new way of running your business and help you create lasting cultural change.

Together, let's change how we think about work.
We give tomorrow's business leaders
the tools to work in a new business paradigm.

Let's Build Better Businesses Together

we're here to help you transform your culture, lift team engagement, and drive your business forward - here's how:
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Our practices are based on
The Great Game of Business®
Using the principles of openness and transparency,
it's a completely different way
of running a business;
a way of running a business that not only
improves business results, but
the lives of people who drive those results.

Who are we

using the principles and practices of the Great Game of Business,
we'll help you to transform your culture and build the best business possible
Adam Dierselhuis
Strategic Thinker | Innovation Designer
Great Game of Business Certified Coach
The greatest thing you can do as a business leader is to better the lives of people connected to your business – starting with those you work with.

By creating a culture that employees can connect to in a meaningful way, one that allows team members to learn, to grow, to challenge themselves, to take risks – you’ve got a chance to do just that.
Trudi Saul
Engagement Educator | Storyteller

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of organisations that have genuinely cared about me – it’s changed the way I think about work, and what I’ve been able to contribute along the way. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences that satisfaction. We spend so much of our life time going to work – I want to show you how we can all enjoy the journey.

The Impact

Businesses that have fully implemented the practices of the Great Game of Business consistently experience remarkable growth, profitability and employee engagement, including more than:

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